Our Services


Cardiac Care:

Diagnosis and treatment of heart-related conditions including interventions like angioplasty or bypass surgery.

Orthopedic Treatments:

Procedures for joint replacements, spine surgeries, sports injuries, and orthopedic trauma care.

Neurological Treatments:

Management of neurological disorders such as strokes, epilepsy, and nerve-related issues.


Consultation Rooms:

Well-equipped rooms for doctors to conduct consultations with patients.

Inpatient Rooms:

Standard rooms for patients requiring hospitalization, usually equipped with necessary amenities for patient comfort.

Emergency Services:

Immediate medical attention and initial treatment for urgent medical conditions.

Oncology Services:

Cancer diagnosis, treatment planning, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgical oncology.

Gynecological Care:

Women's health services including prenatal care, childbirth, gynecological surgeries, and fertility treatments.

Emergency Medicine:

Immediate care for critical conditions, trauma, accidents, and sudden illnesses.

Waiting Areas:

Comfortable waiting areas for patients and visitors.

Sanitary Facilities:

Clean and hygienic restroom facilities for patients and visitors.

Administrative Support:

Front desk or reception area for appointments, inquiries, and administrative assistance.